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From color-matching to flattering fits, our team of expert stylists are dedicated to making you look your best, while wearing the most affluent labels. Perhaps it’s an emerald Haute Couture dress from Dior that emphasizes your eyes and compliments your skin tone.

Perhaps it’s a bridesmaid’s dress that miraculously flatters every form. Perhaps it’s a limited edition pair of sneakers only available to club members. Or perhaps you simply need a personal shopper to add the necessary basics to your arsenal of everyday wear. When it comes to staying on-trend, MB Lifestyle Management has got you covered from head to toe.

Haute Couture and Jewelry

Quintessentially French, Haute Couture is the ultimate expression of style; accessible only by those in the know. With an unparalleled passion and unmatched expertise, our design team harnesses intuition and talent to craft a one-of-a-kind masterpiece for you on your special day. You’ll be the belle of every ball.

Personal Shopper

Forget online orders and untimely deliveries, we’re giving you the real deal. Our experienced team of personal shoppers are available around the clock to pop to the shops for household essentials, personalized gifts and last-minute outfit changes. MB Luxury Management is also able to source limited luxury items, available only to the elite of the elite.

Bridal Concierge

Say yes to the dress—minus the stress of countless fittings and last-minute shoe disasters. But our bridal services are so much more than finding and fitting your dream dress. We take care of every minute detail to make your wedding day surpass your wildest fantasies.

We have access to the best in the business. Whether it’s exotic locations, private venues, sensational flowers, world-class calligraphers, five-storey cakes, Michelin-starred chefs, exceptional planners and everything in between. Our bridal concierge team vows to stay by your side through makeup stains, bridesmaid debacles and zips that won’t zip.

And we’re committed to solving every one of your big-day concerns. Be it a Mother-of-the-Bride dress that is a little too close to white. Or a Mother-of-the-Groom who simply can’t decide what to wear. In fact, we’ll take care of every guest’s attire if need be—from the groomsmen to the uncles in the back.

Occasional Wear

Occasional Wear

With restrictive dress codes and unflattering fits, finding the perfect outfit can feel like a daunting task. You want to scintillate without standing out too much. And you want to feel classy while still maintaining a certain level of comfort. Whether it’s womenswear, kids wear or menswear, allow our expert stylists to tick all those boxes and be prepared to be showered in compliments at the elite affair

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